Reverse Osmosis Units

Multi-Step Water Purification Reduces the Tiniest Contaminants

Reverse Osmosis QC4

Reduces chlorine • Reduces inorganic contaminants • Removes hardness • Inhibits bacteria growth • Absorbs tastes & odors • Reduces metal contaminants

Alpha Pure QC4


  • High end designer chrome air gap faucet

  • Quick change sanitary filters

  • Filters change out at the push of a button

  • Crystal clear, high quality and great tasting water

  • Easy to install




The RO-Pure water filtration system provides you with water that exceeds the quality of bottled water, at a fraction of the price and eliminates the inconvenience of heavybottles and containers. This process puts the bottling plant right at your kitchen. Our filters turn your tap water into an efficient source of great tasting, clean water. Many things can affect the quality and purity of well and municipal water such as water usage, temperature, and even weather. Household plumbing can also introduce contaminants such as rust and lead into your tap water. The Alpha Pure water filtration system can alleviate these effects by providing a consistent level of filtration, giving you high quality water at a reasonable price.

Purchase replacement filters for 3M/Cuno/Water Factory Reverse Osmosis Systems 


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